Are you in search of a video downloading app? Check out here!

Are you in search of a video downloading app? Check out here!

For smartphone users, there is no dearth of apps in the market. In the present world, one can do almost everything with the help of an app on the smartphone, and for almost every activity, there are many apps by various makers available on this platform. One can chat, send images, have a video call or download songs and videos on the device with the help of various apps available. For those who love to watch videos, there are some sites and apps where such videos are available in abundance. However, usually the users love to get the apps from the play store, but many of the video fetching apps here are of no use and hence one gets disappointed as the app cannot help him get the required video.

There are also other sources and apps for such video lovers, among which one is 9apps. It is a platform where one can find several apps, and one of the apps is video fetching one which is known as vidmate. It is an app that is capable of fetching the video from any platform. The user needs to have the app on his device and the right link of the video, which are primary conditions to use this app. Those who want to download this app need to visit the site 9apps where they can see a link available for the same.

Download the app on the smartphone:

To download the app on the smartphone is not a difficult task as the user needs to click on the given link and rest is managed by the app as well as the device only. A single click is enough to fetch the app on the device. However, one needs to be sure about the connectivity of the device with the internet and space on the same that can accommodate the app before it gets downloaded.

After downloading the app gets installed, which is completely automatic, and one does not need to do anything except giving permission to the app to access various folders on the device. As the app is not android verified, it might show a potential threat to the device which one must ignore.

Get the required video:

The moments the user gets the app installed, he can start using the same. For the use and getting the required video, one needs to have the link of the video first. It is the link only with the help of which the video can be availed from the required platform. The link needs to be pasted on the provided space for the same and once the link is pasted the user needs to hit the button of download that starts the app to pull the video from the site.

It may take some time for the user to get the video. Once the video is downloaded, the user is notified by the app and the same is stored in a specific folder created by the app. One can view the video on the device without consuming any data also.

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