Here are the five benefits of cloud hosting/computing to a small business

Here are the five benefits of cloud hosting/computing to a small business

Cloud hosting or cloud computing is referred to as a centralized location for storing data and information through the internet, which makes it very accessible anywhere and anytime as long as you are connected online.

There are many small businesses which already embraced the cloud because it has a number of benefits which includes a lot including reduced cost were storing files in the cloud on-site will give you the best and most significant amount of money to spend in hardware costs also.

To further explain the benefits a business can get from cloud hosting like the iSeries cloud, here are some of the best benefits that you will read in this post in order for you to get a good review of this list and how it also applies to your business as you can explore more how the cloud can help you out using the technology to a lot more.

Data Backup

For small business owners, you are already aware of the importance of creating a backup for your data in case there is a system shutdown or any malfunctions in order for you to keep everything important. The cloud does not only simplify the process of backing up data instantly as you progress on your work, but it is also known for creating copies of your data off-site where you can be safe from any system malfunction of any disaster, theft, and other issues that affects the data security.


Probably one of the best benefits of this technology is it enables small business owners to make their office fully functional wherever they are as long as they are connected to the internet through their laptop computers or smartphones. The cloud fits in perfectly because it enables the user or the business owner by allowing them to gain access and synchronize the data wherever they are to allow them to take their work even on the road.

Information sharing

Regardless if you have an in-house staff or employees that are assigned on the field, the cloud creates sharing data accessibility easily. Once you have your data backed up, it is easier to share files which can be as easy as sending the employees a link to eliminate the hassle of processing large files for emails.

File storage

A lot of small businesses have to level up their marketing strategy by incorporating images, video, and audio materials, and these files are usually taking up a big part of your storage device and hard drive space, which in the long run will be an expensive cost. However, the cloud allows you to store large files off of your local system to save up more local storage for the files that you want to access on a daily basis.

Promotes growth

Since cloud hosting is very scalable, it allows small businesses to make plans for growth and progress by utilizing all the benefits that the cloud can offer without the necessity for an up-front investment. You can easily start small and gradually add more usage overtime to pay only for the services that you are using without added cost.

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