Minecraft Secrets: Things You Didn’t Know About the Game

Minecraft Secrets: Things You Didn’t Know About the Game

Minecraft is a well-known online game for kids and adults. It is a sandbox game that’s main focus is to mine and craft anything that has taken by the storm. It sells over 35 million copies across the globe with different variety of platforms since 2011.

To be honest, it is not surprising that minecraft pc gratuit may be able to sell such huge amount of copies since it was released, because the game is super addictive. Once you had laid your hands in the game, you can’t get out easily. It imposes its players to be creative and imaginative throughout the game since it was originally built to make the player focus on mining and crafting at the same time.

Things You Didn’t Know About Minecraft

Below are the following trivia that exist on the actual game:

Minecraft World is Indefinite

In the most recent version, the Minecraft world is indefinite. But most of the players don’t able to make use of this infinite map because of the circumstances. Minecraft world produced an invisible barrier that’s 30 up to 32 million blocks in each corner and direction starting from the center of the map.

If the players decided to use modification and other methods, he or she can see that the Minecraft world is beyond the supposedly normal edge, thus, it becomes simplified virtually and sometimes it’ll turn out distorted.

According to other resources, if Minecraft world is recreated in reality, it would actually size 1 meter cubed in size. If the calculation is correct, then the Minecraft world is indeed bigger compared to other planets.

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Minecraft Creepers and Other Creepy Stuff

The iconic Minecraft creeper monster actually came from a coding error. According to some resources, Minecraft developer Nathan “Dinnerbone” Adams made a statement to Minecraft fans about the creeper’s origin. He stated that it was originally coming from a coding error in where he swaps the height and length values of the pig.

Splash: Yellow Text in the Title Screen

When you open the game, you’ll find a small yellow-colored text on the Minecraft title screen, it is actually known as “splash”. These texts are randomly generated which contains cool references. One of these examples are: “Gargamel plays it!”, “Does barrel rolls!”, and “Cooler than Spock!” These phrases are from the Movies of Smurfs, Star Fox, and Star Trek respectively. Actually, there are more than 200 text messages appeared on the splash.

Missing Herobrine

In the early stage of Minecraft, players began to report strange happening and sightings about the unknown figure in the area that was following their character. Actually, this entity is called Herobrine. It looks like a default player character but with only ghostly white eyes.

For the players, Herobrine became a subject with a different horror story in the game. Aside from appearing in the background of other promotional material and as a subject for cheeky and creepy reference, but Herobrine is not present in the usual Minecraft game. Or perhaps, you’re going to meet one of the Herobrine in your Minecraft adventure? Creepy, click here for more.

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