The cost-effectiveness of having hired dedicated servers

One of the reasons why small businesses invest with good agencies like WeHaveServers is because these agencies provide value to them. The value can be in terms of monetary value and non-monetary value. What matters is that these agencies provide a good platform for small websites to operate in full capacity without having to worry about those complex coding and maintenance tasks that can take up all the resources that small websites own. 

The real cost is not in buying the infrastructure for dedicated servers but its maintenance. These dedicated servers require continuous monitoring and regular updation. Both of them require a heavy amount of money. Plus, you need to have an expert employed to maintain the server. These professionals will ask for a hefty salary that will put a dent in the budget of the small website owners. This is where the cost-effectiveness of the outsourcing agencies comes into play. 

How do they help save costs? 

The first and foremost thing that you require is to have a physical infrastructure of a dedicated server. This infrastructure requires heavy investment which is obviously not feasible for the small business. It is not feasible in terms of money as well as these small websites don’t require that much space. You can think of these agencies as the epicenter for several small websites to store and host their data. Similar small agencies indirectly create a pool of shared space thus they end up saving a lot of money. 

The next thing is regular monitoring. A website server needs to be monitored 24/7 which is again a very difficult thing for small websites considering the crunch of resources. These dedicated server agencies work 24/7 thus monitoring your websites at lower costs as compared to the costs that you will have to bear for hiring a 24/7 professional website monitor. The professional experts have a very high salary as well so it is not feasible as well.

Last but not least is the regular maintenance. These agencies help you to maintain your website by using the least of your resources. Regular maintenance requires heavy investment as well.

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