8 Most Impressive Things That You Can Do With Your Playstation.

8 Most Impressive Things That You Can Do With Your Playstation.

Hello! Got a PS4 for Christmas this year? Welcome to the gamer’s tribe. No! Oh, then you must be here because you’re sprucing up your PS knowledge for last year? Well, whatever the reason is, you are here because you want to know those awesome things that you can do with your PlayStation. Well, here we are with the most amazing things that you can do with your PlayStation. Oh wait, don’t you own one yet? No problem, go to your nearest game shop and buy one. Check out the OzGameShop coupon codes to get a good discount on it.

So, here we go with the topmost 8 surprising things you can do with your PlayStation.

  • Type faster than usual with the motion:- Typing something on PS4 is brutal and irritating. But, there is a solution to this problem too. When you are using a PS4 to write something, press and hold the right control button. It will help you to turn on the motion control. When the PlayStation keyboard appears on the screen, you can use your PS4 DualShock 4 line.
  • You can stream these games to your Mac or even to your PC:– If you live with a TV hog or something, don’t worry about playtime negotiation. You can stream games directly to your Mac or Windows PC from your PlayStation. Install the remote play software of Sony. Then connect your PS4 with your Mac or Windows PC by a standard USB cable. You can also use the fancy wireless dongle from Sony to connect your PS4 DualShock 4 with your PC. Oh, by the way, make sure that your PC and PS is connected to the same WiFi router.
  • Manage your friends:– Do you have a regular gang of gamers? Like your gaming gang with whom you chat and play more frequently? Well, simplify the process of chatting with your PlayStation 4. Create a chat party by creating a friend list. Go into friends, then to add favourites group, and then pick the people you want to include and boom, it’s done. Next time when you create a chat party, you can select them all at once. And if you want to chat more frequently, you can also download the PS messages app for Android and iPhone. It’s a messenger app for PlayStation.
  • Get more battery life from your PS:– PS4 DualShock 4 controller has wretched battery life. It takes almost 8 hours to charge and what’s irritating is when the battery dies in the middle of a game session after those eight long hours. So, hold down the PlayStation button to bring up a quick menu. Go to sound, turn the volume off. Change the light bars to dim and set the controller alert “after 10 minutes”. It won’t make many differences. However, it may help you to get some charge saved.
  • Easily share screenshots and videos:- Broadcasting your gameplay has become a new pastime nowadays. However, sharing videos or screenshots takes a lot more of app hoping that its worth. Press the share button on the controller, go to sharing and broadcast setting to share control type. Then select easy screenshot and make sharing screenshots and videos easier than it is.
  • Turn on the TV with your PS4:- Yeah, if your TV has this setting, you can turn on your TV with your PS4. Go to settings> system> enable HDMI device link. If your TV isn’t working,then go to your TV setting and enable it. Usually, the word in the setting has “link” in it. However, it has different names. So, consult the list of names in case you get lost in the features.
  • Remap the buttons on your DualShock 4:- Most of the gamers never remap the buttons on their PS4. All of them has their reasons. Some say they are habituated with the mapping of the buttons, and others have other causes. However, you might find a great idea to remapping it. Go to settings> accessibility> button assignment and there you go.
  • Save games to the cloud:- Well, you might know this point was coming. It is the most obvious tip on this list, right? Well, you are saving your games, and that’s fine. But, I have lost a whole console of games for not keeping it in the cloud, and that’s not fun. And I know I’m not the only one on that list. So here’s how you do it. Go to settings> application saved data management and make sure to upload your games to the cloud. Keep a back up on the USB drive as well.

So, here are some tips for doing some awesome things with your PlayStation. Enjoy. But if you have any issue with your PS4 and you want to fix them then visit fixps4error.com

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