How Is Your Laptop Tested To Make Sure That It’s Safe and Durable?

How Is Your Laptop Tested To Make Sure That It’s Safe and Durable?

Laptops owners tend to take their machines for granted. They expect to be safe while searching the Internet or watching a video. Laptops are also expected to have a decent level of durability. After all, laptops are subject to plenty of potentially damaging situations; mostly due to the fact that they are portable and can be used pretty much anywhere.

So, how do the manufacturers of laptops ensure that people buying and using their products get the expected level of durability and safety? The answer is that they conduct a range of specific tests, using specially designed equipment provided by companies such as These tests are designed to test things such as reaction to impact and reaction to extreme temperatures. Let’s take a closer look.

Testing repetitive use

Repetitive use is something that every laptop needs to be able to withstand. Just think about the constant tapping of keys, and the frequent opening and closing of the machine itself, and you can see why this is the case.

Laptop manufactures programme testing machinery to complete these repetitive actions thousands of times. This helps them to be certain that their laptops are able to withstand the everyday pressures users put them under.

Testing for damage from dropping

Due to their portability, laptops are often the subject of dropping accidents. Ideally, they should be able to withstand a certain level of impact. This level varies, depending on the make and model of a laptop. Some machines are manufactured to be used in more rugged situations.

Drop testing of laptops is carried out in several different ways. One of the most popular versions of this type of testing is using a platform that can be raised to several different heights, and programmed to hold and then drop the laptop. The machine can then be checked for damage.

Some manufacturers even test what might happen when a laptop is sent to a purchaser. They check to see what impact certain levels of crushing has.

Testing for temperature issues

Most laptops are only expected to operate at normal temperature levels; but this is not always the case. Imagine scientific exploration is being carried out in a hot desert, or an icy wilderness; people on the expedition still need to have access to equipment such as laptops. Some laptops are manufactured with these extremes in mind.

Manufacturers use chambers within which extremes of temperature can be produced. They check for potentially dangerous malfunctions, such as the exploding of a battery.

You might well take the laptop you use every day for granted, but manufacturers cannot afford to do that. Laptop malfunctions are not just inconvenient, they can also be dangerous. This is why manufacturers have to use specially designed equipment and tests to check that the durability and safety of a machine is at the required level. This helps them to make sure that customers are satisfied with their products and safe while they are using them.

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