The Perfect Choices for the SEO Tasks

The Perfect Choices for the SEO Tasks

Structured data, rich snippets, schema markup under a few names you can find in the network what this subsection considers. These are extended information that can be used, among others local companies. One of the types of structured data concerns local business.

Local SEO, using structural data, concerns many types of business: hotels, restaurants, shops and many, many others. Take a look at the following graphics:

Structured data local SEO example

There are various non-standard data: rating, number of reviews, price range, and so-called crumbs (presenting the structure of subpages in a more friendly way). You can have more info about this.

Okay, just what’s the role of structural data and what does local SEO have to do with it? Well, the structured data allows robots to better understand the content on your website. Thus, you increase the chances that information about your site will be shown in the search results in a different, friendlier way (example on previous graphics).

If you want to implement structured data on your website, look at this address. You will find there a lot of information on how to apply them. The structural data validator will also be useful because it is not difficult to make some mistake during the implementation process.

Get local return links

If you want to support your business and focus more on local SEO, links to your website associated with the place of business should be the basis. You must start to get them. However, where do you get such links from? There are several ways.

The first of them is sponsoring. Many companies provide various services not necessarily in exchange for financial reward. You can go this way and do something, expecting a return link. Often, getting links from valuable domains brings more benefits than “clicking” several orders, for which you will receive a one-off payment. Local SEO and associated regional return links are, in any case, an investment in the future.

  • The second way is a local event. Involvement in an event (or creating one from scratch) may arouse the interest of the local media and, above all, the users themselves. There is a good chance that the address of your website will appear in several local websites. So you have free return links.
  • Another issue is cooperation. Many companies have local partners with whom they cooperate with various orders. If you are in this situation take advantage of this. Talk to your partners and ask for feedback links or exchange them on specific terms.

Do your job well

This point is slightly different from the previous ones, because it does not refer to the local SEO directly in technical terms. However, are you sure?

If your clients are satisfied with your services, then they are more likely to share information about it. This can affect the growth of positive reviews, about which I have already mentioned in this text.

The local business is based primarily on trust. We choose company data because we know that they are doing their job well. It is worth following this path.

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