LEO Privacy Guard Apps the Best way to Protect your Secret Data

Mobile technology has attracted major population of the world towards itself. Everyday innovations are taking place to update the existing features. But on the other hand the booming sector has also raised some privacy concerns. It is quite obvious that everyone has some data which he or she does not want to share with anyone else so it needs to be protected. Leo privacy guard is an android app that is designed to keep your private data locked and secure from others to get accessed. Contents such as your multimedia messages, games or your pictures in the gallery you can lock them with the help of a pin or a pass code giving you the peace of mind. Apart from this Leo privacy guard has a lot to offer there are fun covers for the app lock. Moreover it has a speed booster to keep your phone running smoothly.

How to use Leo Privacy Guard?

First of all you have to download Leo privacy guard from the play store. After downloading you will come to know about what the app has in offering. You will be asked about a pass code or a pattern which you will need to remember in the near future in order to unlock the app. After doing this you will be asked to set a question in order to remind yourself then you will be sent to the main menu. Here you will come to know that that you don’t have your apps locked. So you need to lock some of your significant apps.

Salient features of LEO Privacy Guard-

  • It can hide your important apps, your Gmail, gallery, games. It gives privacy protection for media files, SMS and call logs.
  • It is compact in size (i.e. 3.1 mb).
  • It is the lightest privacy app for android.
  • It offers lock screen covers which can hoodwink others who try to access the information without the prior consent of the owner.
  •  It comes with a variety of features such as a beauty cover, fingerprint cover, error cover making it more interesting.


It is a well planned and distinctly planned app that provides viable privacy protection to the mobile users. The app consumes around 35 MB RAM. It consumes less space as far as its features are concerned and is resource friendly.

Why should One Opt for this App?

Although there are many protection providing apps present in the market but this app can prove to be the best one as far as its features are concerned. That is you don’t have to use separate apps to provide protection to different apps. If one has any confusion in his or her mind then one might review Leo privacy guard apps where you can find the reviews of people who are already using this app. People have regarded it as the best privacy guard which one can use so as to provide security to his secret apps.


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