The best vlogging cameras for 2018

The best vlogging cameras for 2018

Many starters think that they only require a camera and a Cheap laptop to become a Vlogger. They feel that by doing o they can easily become Vloggers. The situation is vice versa. It is not as easy as it appears. It is extremely technical. The question is not getting the camera but actually it is getting the perfect camera. The list of Vlogging cameras is increasing day by day.

In this race of manufacturing the Vlogging cameras, it is extremely important to select a camera that fulfills maximum requirements of a quality vlog. If you are planning to your Vlog this year then don’t forget to try some great cameras this year. If you are more than interested to know what camera do Youtubers use then you should definitely get your hands on the list of top vlogging cameras vloggers uses given below. Some excellent choices to buy from including the following:

  1. Sony a7R II: It is an excellent camera for the Vloggers. You might find it little expensive than the other cameras but once you get it, the quality of the pictures will be evident that it is worth buying this camera for this price. The 4K resolution and the 4-megapixel camera is something that you cannot really ignore. Such an exclusive footage of 4K gives a perfect full 35mm format. If you intend to become a Vlogger for a long term then this can be a real companion as it is durable and sturdy. The shutter can capture your desired pictures for up to 500,000 cycles. The ISO sensitivity s another bold addition. It can work for 102,000 still photos and 25,600 videos. Whether you are taking a picture of staying still or while walking or in any kind of motion then the 399 points of detection are the right option for focusing your subject.
  2. Sony a6500: One camera that you cannot ignore in 2018 is the Sony’s Alpha series ‘marvel named a6500. The name Sony itself is the ambassador of quality. It tells the story of reliability and perfection of the camera you are about to buy for your Vlogging. If you are a beginner or a professional Vlogger one thing that you would not be able to ignore is the amazing 2-megapixel camera. It gives the quality of the 6k picture resolution. If you prefer making videos then it is better to switch to the 4K video shoot. As compared to the previous versions of the alpha series it has the capacity to look at the subject up to 8 fps. Thus at the end, your photograph or video is too impressive. For your convenience and ease, the company has also added the touch screen focus allowing you for the autofocus.
  3. Canon 70D: This camera is great to help the professionals. It is actually the best option available for the video bloggers. If you intend to be part of the YouTube community, then this camera is a perfect choice. Unlike many DSLR cameras, it includes the awesome autofocus feature. If you want to pursue your Vlogging career through some great platforms like YouTube then this camera is the right choice. Famous You Tubers like Zoealla highly recommend this camera to start your Vlog. The autofocus feature is actually the most recommended feature that prevents the pictures from getting blurred. The flip out LCD screen helps you correct the quality of the picture as you take it.

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