Laser Printers and a Few Less Popular Printer Models

Laser printers work just like photocopier and they use lasers to create text. First of all, laser printers create electrostatic images of the specific page onto the charged photoreceptor and this will attract toner to get attached. Toner is a printing material that is a substitute of inks. Physically, it is a very fine powder and it is ideal for various purposes, including for heavy office users. Toners are well known for their high quality text finish and they could also provide lower running costs. Laser printers have improved quite significantly and later models are quite affordable. New features have been added and the overall prices are now lower. As a result, we could already find many entry-level laser printers. Laser printers are essential when we want to get high quality black printing, but not photographs. However, color laser printer could actually produce excellent color photograph on standard paper. In some cases, it isn’t necessary to use more expensive photo paper. We should check prices of the toner and other consumables to make sure that their prices are still quite acceptable. In general, laser printer should be a good solution if we plan to print a larger volume, such as hundreds of pages at a time.

Solid ink printers are less popular type of printer and it is based on solid wax ink sticks with phase change process. These printers will liquefy wax ink sticks into specific reservoirs, so some of the ink can be squirted onto the transfer drum. In just a single pass, the ink can be cold-fused onto the paper. Solid ink printers are rare models and they produced by very few manufacturers, specifically Xerox and Textronix. However, they should be ideal for large businesses that require color printing at higher volumes. Owing to low component usages, it should be quite affordable to operate solid ink printers and their fairly economical characteristics should be quite interesting. Ink sticks of these printers are quite affordable than color toners for laser models. Output quality of solid ink printers is generally good, although perhaps not as good as color laser models for printing graphics and text. Its printing speed is also not equal to many color laser models.

Dye sublimation printer is also a rather interesting type of printer and it can actually give is lab-quality photographic images, by using a combination of solid color dyes and hear. Print-head of this printer will vaporize ink, so it could adhere on special kind of paper. The ink will solidify and it cools down. The printer controls the color intensity by using different temperature variations. While inkjet puts ink in a series of dots, dye sublimation models could lay down colors continuously. Also, the ink is absorbed by the paper, instead of just placed on the surface and this could increase realism of the image. The photograph is also more durable and less susceptible to fading than other types of ink.

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