The New App Makes Ps4 More Exciting

The New App Makes Ps4 More Exciting

The PlayStation 4 is going to be launched on 15th November in North America and on 29th November in Europe. There is already a huge rush for pre-ordering the PS4, but nobody is still certain whether they would get the delivery on the launch day or even before Christmas.

But do you know about the new PlayStation app which will also be launched along with the PS4. This was disclosed by the president of the Sony Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida while he took to the stage to announce this.

This new app is all about the situation when you are away from your gaming console. With this new app you can still get in touch with your friends and feel their activities which include either recorded or live game play of your friends. You are also able to access all the news about the PS 4.

As explained by Mr. Yoshida, this app can be downloaded free of cost using Android or iOS device. You are able to connect to your friends through PlayStation profile like sending e mails or voice mails.

You can also purchase PS 4 games from PlayStation stores using this app.

With the help of this app you can enable second-screen gaming feature that ignites your creativity to a dazzling height. As for example you can drag a character from your smart phone’s touch screen and push it on to the TV thereby initiating an interactive gaming experience.

With this app now smaller developers will be able to connect PS 4 using this app and load applications without the necessity to download the specific app. Now it gets opened to all developers.

With the announcement of this extraordinary app, the PS 4 Deals have become more exciting. But if you have not yet pre-ordered the PS 4 it is uncertain whether you get the delivery before Christmas. Nevertheless you can venture for a belated Christmas festivities for the sake of the PS 4. In that case also you have to pre-order now, because there is a long list of priorities and staggered list of supplies.

PS 4 Deals have other features too. You have to deposit $20 for pre-ordering and the balance amount will be charged from your account before dispatch. You have to get in touch with your e mail because PS4 dealer will go on sending e mail messages to update with recent news. Please also check spam in case your search engine diverts the message to spam.

In case you fail to pay when informed by the dealer because of whatsoever reasons, your reservation will be cancelled. So take care to see your e mails regularly, visit the spam and get ready with the balance amount in your account till you get the delivery of your PS 4. offer free delivery within UK and charge delivery fees for delivery beyond UK.

To know all these details about PS 4 Deals please search your internet where you will find many sites each claiming them as the best deal.

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