Picture Quality, Audio Quality and Connectivity of TV Sets

There are many online shopping comparison websites, but they don’t always give us the personal feel of checking each TV set personally on the showroom floor. Even so, online shopping websites could provide us with many more selections than local stores. So, it may pay to purchase from some of the more trustworthy and reliable stores. In general, we should make sure that we could get better deals. On the other hand, it will be better if we could get first hands experience on the actual screen quality of the TV set. In this case, we need to know whether the TV set has good picture. One of the most important considerations is the screen contrast and we should make sure that we get bright, sharp and clear pictures. The display itself shouldn’t be too dark or too bright that colors seem to wash out. Improper screens won’t produce high definition images, despite what the marketing materials promise us. We should try to watch the TV in both bright and dim situations. If we still prefer TV sets with CRT technology, we should consider whether the tube is flat enough.

On the other hand plasma and LCD screens are flat enough that CRT models. In general, CRT TV sets with flatter tubes could provide us with less glare. Flat tube display should give us much better viewing experience and we should make sure that the TV set has a comb filter. Without this filter, the screen resolution would be limited to only half of the overall potential. Although comb filters could affect only RF and composite video connections, they could provide us with at least DVD quality resolution, without any distracting rainbow images, which could happen when high contrast images start to coincide. Comb filters in our TV set may include 3DY, digital and glass, depending on the overall quality level. With high definition and digital TV, we would get models with progressive scan image and this will affect picture quality. Progressive scan image may provide us with more film-like presentations compared to normal technology. When we prioritize on high quality multimedia content, we should also consider the sound quality. In this case, we may consider integrating Hi-Fi equipments to build a comprehensive home entertainment system

In general, we should look for ways to get more dynamic home theatre solution. Digital and high definition TV sets should provide us with enough capability to deliver Blu-Ray level of quality. It is worthwhile to know what kind of connections we get from our TV sets. There should be complete stereo audio inputs and outputs connection, as well as component video, S-video and RCA-composite inputs. In general, we should find multiple TV sets with more complete set of audio and video inputs/outputs; then choose one model that seems to fit our overall requirements. This is particularly true when we want to play game consoles and other high-reactions contents.

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