Dedicated Server – Backbone of IT Systems

Dedicated Server – Backbone of IT Systems

A dedicated server is the main pillar on which the system is performing its major jobs. A dedicated server offers gives you the freedom to customize it as per your requirement and it is highly secure as it is not shared with anyone else. It supplies you more than your expectations. Cheap dedicated server 1gbps is provided by many service providers, but before buying you need to keep a few key factors in mind.

Key benefits of a dedicated server

1. Unique IP Address:

An IP address is assigned to each dedicated server. The shared server has a sharing IP address which reduces the security of the server and it is harmful if financial transactions are a part of your business. If another website is posting inappropriate content, then it will destroy your image.

2. Flexibility:

A dedicated server offers you the elasticity to do the configuration according to your needs for CPU, RAM, and software.

3. Enhanced security and Performance:

Downtime of the system will be minimum in case of a dedicated server and it offers you more stability and reliability. Malicious websites will not affect your system if you aren’t sharing the space.

4. Better Traffic control:

In the case of high traffic, a dedicated server is the best solution to opt for. It can manage the server in a better way, and it becomes the first choice of the e-commerce business.

Server parameters should be analyzed before doing the final deal. The server capacity should be calculated according to the growth pattern of the organization. It is a long-term asset for any firm and bandwidth can be allocated wisely for high consumption programs and according to their priorities. Load balancing is an important factor to ensure that high traffic requests should be transferred to another server without hampering the regular operations. For taking the maximum benefit of a dedicated server, technical skills and knowledge of the database should be sound. The price of a dedicated server may vary on the storage capacity and other important specifications. Cost is not a major parameter for manufacturing organizations, but the right selection of servers is important rather than an expensive one.

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