Step Up With iOS Charts

Step Up With iOS Charts

If there’s one constant when it comes to information is that everybody can grasp charts. Charts appeal to all the factors that humans need to understand information. They are completely visual, which is our brain’s preferred way to interpret data. It’s straightforward since we don’t need any context to understand that a taller bar means a larger amount. And they can even be color-coded to make the process even smoother.

Charts are one of the most reliable tools we have access to when it comes to delivering information, and yet they aren’t the most supported in our day-to-day mobile devices. iPhones don’t count with a default app to make or open charts, and for most of us, our phones are used way more often than any PC. Some of us don’t use a PC at all nowadays. So how can we fill this gap?

Is there a market for iOS charts?

Right now you might be asking yourself if there’s a need to develop charts exclusively for mobile and iOS devices, but the answer is a resounding yes. With each passing day, more people are making their phones their main device, and the need for charts won’t go anywhere.

Any work presentation can be considerably simplified if you add some charts instead of presenting raw data. They remain a vital tool for students as well. But nowadays charts have a role even in apps and advertising.

If your app needs to frequently portray information to its users, like the number of installations, or perhaps their exercise efficiency each week. This data can be much more manageable when presented with a traditional bar chart. And thanks to the advances in JavaScript chart technology, this information can be presented dynamically and in real-time.

Security, monitoring, marketing, and sales are all areas that have traditionally relied on charts to display their information. And now that these charts can be updated in real-time, it only makes more sense that we make a larger effort to integrate them into iOS devices.

How can you make iOS charts?

To make powerful iOS charts you need specialized software like SciChart. This is a software suite that is completely focused on chart creation and has great features for iOS users in particular. SciChart allows users to make fully interactive charts that offer additional information with a single tap, and the software is designed for seamless app integration as well. So, when it comes to iOS charts SciChart has you covered.

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