CX Jobs in Telesales and How to get hired

CX Jobs in Telesales and How to get hired

Telesales, as the name suggests, is the process of selling products or services through a telephone. A telesales executive is typically expected to reach out to potential and existing customers and persuade them to buy your company’s product or service. 

Telesales is of 2 types-

  1. Inbound telesales
  2. Outbound telesales

An inbound telesales agent receives calls from existing and prospective customers to assist them with the products and guide them for the right fit whereas an outbound telesales agent calls prospective leads to generate sales. CX agents may also have to be available to set up product demos and handle product-related queries. The outbound agent’s job is to brief potential customers about the company’s market offering. Clear communication skills and patience are some of the top skills every telesales agent should positively possess.

More often, an organization does not have the required manpower or the time to invest in these functions. Companies prefer to outsource this particular CX function to agencies or individuals. This is where a marketplace like VOIZ comes into play. 

VOIZ is a marketplace that allows companies to connect with CX agents and vice versa. By hiring pre-trained and certified agents through VOIZ, companies save up on a significant part of their capital which they would otherwise have to spend to create the necessary infrastructure for this function and training. While agents benefit since they have the benefit of working remotely. This allows them to work on multiple jobs at the same time. By listing themselves on VOIZ, companies have the chance to hire individuals that are best suited for the job.  As a CX executive, you can be a telesales agent from any part of the country and can be speaking any language including regional ones. 

The hiring process of VOIZ is simple and seamless, to say the least. By following the below-mentioned steps, an individual can start working as a CX agent from their chosen location. Here’s how you can list yourself-

  1. Once you have registered yourself on the platform, you can start applying to the organizations you desire to work with and the ones that are looking for the skill set you possess.
  2. Companies then screen the CX agents’ profile that has applied for the project. Next, they schedule interviews with the selected candidates through inbuilt communication channels on VOIZ and select the best-suited CX talent. 
  3. Upon selection, the CX agent is briefed about what is the delivery expectation of the organization and what the payment structure will be like. 
  4. Selected talents are then trained and assigned the project. The training ensures that the agent benefits too in the form of knowledge and skill up-gradation. The agent can then begin work using their laptop and mobile phones but with the software provided by the company. 
  5. The CX agents also have the opportunity to upskill using VOIZ academy for on-demand jobs. VOIZ academy allows agents the chance to take up courses in skills that most organizations demand. This gives the agents a better chance to be selected for jobs.

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