7 common mistakes to avoid in a business website

7 common mistakes to avoid in a business website

A successful business website needs more than a fresh aesthetic and eye-catching design. For your business website to be successful, you need to think about all the nuances and avoid common mistakes.

Knowing and avoiding these common mistakes will help you increase website traffic and your revenue by improving your chances of converting the audience into customers.

Mistakes to avoid when creating a business website

1. Creating a website without any aim

Before creating a website or even before deciding on domain and hosting price, make sure you have a clear goal of creating a website. Whether it is for generating revenue, marking the digital presence, or brand recognition, your business website should have a certain goal.

2. Not understanding your target audience

Another biggest mistake entrepreneurs and business owners make, is creating a website without knowing their target audience. Understand who will visit your website more, will there be new customers or clients who have already collaborated with you?

Answering these questions will help you clearly state the features, menu, navigation, and other aspects of your website.

3. Poorly defined call-to-action

Another reason why your domain hosting website might be underperforming is missing or inappropriate calls to action. Even beautiful aesthetics and advanced features of a website can do nothing without smart and powerful call-to-action buttons.

Make sure you incorporate call-to-action relevant to your business. For example, if your website is an online store, you should consider CTAs such as ‘buy a product’, ‘explore’, and ‘add to cart.’ Right, and relevant CTAs will help you set up a website to achieve your business goals.

4. Not optimising the site for search engines

Although the internet is a popular place to attract an audience and generate customers, a website can’t do it by itself. No matter how good your website is, you also need to think about the competitors.

Ensure you optimise your website for search engines, reduce your website loading time, and run appropriate digital marketing strategies.

5. Not optimising your website for mobile users

Did you know that over 60% of internet users use mobile these days? And this figure is only going to increase in the future. As most of your customers are using mobile, not optimising your website for mobile users will limit your business revenue.

These days, most web hosting platforms in India offer mobile versions of websites to make them more mobile as well as search engine friendly.

6. You forget to add a contact page

Imagine a visitor wants to place an order or opt for your service, but they have a quick question first. Without a contact page, how would they connect with you or your team to resolve their doubts?

Adding a simple and user-friendly contact page to your website will help your visitors can easily contact you. Subsequently, it will help in turning more visitors into customers and increasing your business revenue.

7. Ignoring website security

With the increasing internet scams and online frauds, users are getting more cautious while visiting websites and using apps.

Thus, making your website cyber secure is another factor you need to consider. Go for the web hosting platforms that offer free SSL for the first year in their domain and web hosting price.

After creating a website that fulfils your business goals, the audience’s needs and is secure, quick, and easy to use, your next step should be to regularly analyse website performance. This will help you understand what factors are working and what changes need to be done to make the most out of your business website.

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