E-Commerce: Magento Packs a Punch

E-Commerce: Magento Packs a Punch

More and more entrepreneurs are moving into the online retail industry, as E-commerce takes a larger slice of the consumer market, and with more than 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, online shopping is the future. The consumer has never had the current level of browsing convenience, and with secure online payments, the goods are already on their way to your doorstep. If you are contemplating launching an E-commerce website, Magento is the ideal platform, and by sourcing an established web developer, you will have the best in terms of web design and efficiency.

  • Why Magento? – Quite simply, Magento has more to offer than any of its competitors, and with more    than 25% of all E-commerce sites using this dynamic platform, it really is the best. If you run an Australian business, there is excellent Magento web design in Melbourne, and with your vision in mind, the developer will create a dynamic platform to showcase your products.

  • Born for E-Commerce –Magento was created with a shopping cart concept in mind, which makes it unique, and with such a range of styles and systems, anything can be achieved. Of course, you would need to forge an alliance with a proven web developer, who would build your platform according to your needs.


  • Inventory Management – Just one of the powerful tools Magento carries, inventory management keeps you informed of stock levels, and being programmable, keeping track of your stock is no longer an issue.


  • CMS Compatible – Magento can be integrated with Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, which allows you to feature certain products on one page, while another hosts your shopping cart platform, and this integration gives you more scope for marketing than just a traditional shopping cart site.


  • Shipping Management – A busy online retail outlet would require efficient logistics, and Magento was built with this in mind. Using the user-friendly interface, you can set the program to remind you at specific times, and printing reports has never been this easy.


  • Supplier Communication – Magento has a section devoted to your suppliers, who are an essential link in the chain, and with several useful tools, you can always keep in touch with your suppliers, and automated ordering can be configured for specific product lines.

There are online web developing teams that are dedicated to providing the ultimate E-commerce platform across a range of industries, and using Magento, they can tailor the website to suit your business. Cost-effective expansion is yet another advantage in favour of Magento, as it can be added to and expanded to suit, so, as your business grows, your digital platform develops.

Magento ticks all the boxes regarding shopping cart websites, and with such versatility, there is no limit to design, and anyone who is thinking of launching a shopping cart site, should remember the name Magento. Once you have sourced the right web developer, together you can create the ideal sales platform, and as the business grows, your website will too.

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