How to Exercise Greater Influence on Instagram Users

How to Exercise Greater Influence on Instagram Users

Exercising more on Instagram is a much more arduous operation than it may seem. The social network seems too simple to use, but in reality there are some fundamental notions that it is appropriate to know

How to exercise greater influence on Instagram users? Knowing and applying the right techniques is essential to becoming an influencer in the visual social network par excellence.

Being an influencer today is one of the ambitions of many Instagram users and many of those who succeed in gaining notoriety and prestige in the social network can transform this condition into an appreciable source of income. In fact, companies are increasingly inclined to include influencer marketing in their digital marketing video production strategies in Dubai, and the best influencers can receive proposals of high economic value to highlight to their followers the products that companies want to push more on the market.

Instagram is currently the platform that lends itself most to influencer marketing, especially in reference to products that have many features that can be communicated visually; tourism, the food and wine industry, the fashion world are perfect examples of market sectors that find in Instagram a perfect marketing communication channel. For its part, the social network has had a very rapid social rise since it was acquired in 2012 by the Facebook Inc. Company. Today it is estimated that more than a billion users are registered on the platform and the statistics say that every month they continue to be on the rise.

In this context, knowing how to exert greater influence on Instagram users, publishing effective content and building a network of relationships in which it is credible, reliable and appreciated, becomes increasingly important. We propose six techniques that can greatly improve the level of influence that can be achieved in the social network.

Determine a target audience

To exert greater influence on Instagram users it is advisable to know who the recipients of the content produced are. Publishing content at random and putting it on the platform could prove to be a clever technique that wastes time and potential sales. Rather, it is necessary to understand who the potential customers of a particular company may be.

Once the target has been identified, you can proceed to the creation and publication of content tailored to your followers and which will most likely attract their attention. We need to understand what the interests of ordinary people are: what they talk about, what they love and what they don’t like. Exercising more influence on Instagram users means coming across a continuous and careful analysis of the tastes and trends of the average user. Finally, this analysis must act as a guide for the publication of the posts.

Create posts that have a wide range of influence

You need to understand the tastes of your followers and focus on creating content that fits their interests. However, we must not forget that Instagram is made up of one billion subscribers. This means that, in addition to creating content aimed at the interests of individual users, it is also necessary to create posts that can attract the attention of as many users as possible.

To succeed in this it is appropriate, for example, to plan with extreme accuracy the time and the day in which to publish a post. It is statistically proven that the best time of the week to publish is Wednesday around 11am. Alternatively, even on Friday, at the same time, it could be fine. Never publish instead of Sunday or any day of the week at a time between 11pm and 3am. In fact, these are the moments in which users are less online and less inclined to express appreciation for published content.

Instagram Stories are very important to influence Instagram users. Half of the users registered on the platform use this feature daily. Finally it is of fundamental importance to publish posts that are followed by adequate hashtags.

Create feeds with influencers

Most of the most famous brands use influencers for a variety of reasons. First of all, they are quite effective in allowing posts to have a wider reach. They are also very useful for reaching the target audience and getting new followers. Through influencers you can promote a product or make a certain brand better known. In fact, people are quite influenced by the social judgments of a particular popular user in offline and online life.

In most cases, having a product advertised by an influencer has a cost. However, by using this effective strategy, many more people will probably buy the product you intend to sponsor and you will have much more profits. In short, adopting the influencer strategy is a real investment.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the best influencers are not always users who have an exorbitant number of followers. Another influencer, with a lower number of followers, could prove to be more useful than the former because it exerts a greater influence on the users from whom he is known and enjoys an excellent reputation.

Use the appropriate hashtags

When a post is published, it should be accompanied by the appropriate hashtags. Using popular hashtags could certainly be a good strategy. However it would be even better to use hashtags that are related to the topic of the published content. This will allow the post to reach the visibility of users who are highly interested in that particular topic and who consequently could begin to follow the Instagram page from which the post was published.

There are several online tools from which it is possible to find the most effective hashtags based on the type of content published and to obtain detailed information on the users that allow to improve communication and the relationship with the followers. Among these we definitely remember WebSta and IconoSquare, two highly recommendable programs if you want to exert greater influence on Instagram users.

Start a connection with the followers of the competition brands

Instagram users who follow brands that offer your own product are obviously interested in that particular type of product. Trying to get in touch with these followers and establishing a dialogue with them could be a good strategy to get more customers to pass on to their side.

Initially, with these users, an approach that is not too invasive could be attempted, but which allows for the establishment of a relationship of involvement. One could, for example, begin to follow such users or, alternatively, put likes or comments on the content published by them. Subsequently, based on their reactions, a more direct dialogue can be established and a closer relationship can be built.

Use the “featured stories”

It is one of the latest features introduced by the social platform and is probably also one of the best strategies to exert greater influence on Instagram users. Instagram Stories are destined to disappear after 24 hours of online circulation. But there is the possibility of highlighting some Stories and making sure that they are clearly visible within any permanent social profile.

Highlighting the most important stories will be very useful for organizing the stories published so far in a thematic way, letting users know what a certain account is about, promoting products using the scroll links and finally explaining the products offered through videos and images.

Marketing encompasses all those advertising strategies that can be made to sponsor a certain service or product to the maximum. It can be said that the greatest invention made in this regard was the shop window, an element so simple and at the same time sophisticated that through a simple glance it can entice many people to enter and make purchases.

Today marketing is purely digital. Instagram is one of the many online showcases where you can display your products or services. Obviously, just as in a shop window objects cannot be exposed at random, you need to follow some fundamental criteria to publish valuable content and that are effective to exert greater influence on Instagram users.

It is also possible to obtain a series of detailed information on the behavior of users who have viewed a certain post in Instagram, so as to start direct relations between the author of the post and its users online. The ability to exert influence on users is based precisely on these data and on the quality of the relationship that can be established.

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