How AR Enhances the Cosmetic Industry

We have never realised how we obtain precise information about any place or thing on Google in a matter of seconds. Although we extract the information by typing a few keywords, we don’t know that the search engine uses a thing called ‘tracking’ to get our results. AR has entered the cosmetics worldand has revolutionized the way cosmetics are perceived and presented to customers. Since the boom of internet technology and its feasible availability, the cosmetic industry has become lucrative with respect to men’s grooming products and female beauty products and technology such as social media and augmented reality in cosmetics have played a major role in it.

The new age customer

Today’s customers ask questions before they buy something. They place concerns to the table and demand for answers before buying products. They express their requirements and walk away to the next table if they’re not met. This has led to a huge competition amongst the companies in the beauty industryand a plethora of products and services that integrate technology are produced.

Customers look for high-quality beauty products that arrive from authentic brands. Their major concerns stem from the ingredients incorporated in their products and if they are organic or not. They conduct their own research before buying a beauty products and voice their opinions on social media regarding the same.

In terms of staying abreast with today’s trends mean that beauty brands have taken to online media and augmented reality in cosmetics industry to ensure that their customer base remains engaged. AR is used to change the traditional way of trying on makeup and new and different looks. This helps shoppers in purchasing products in a quick and easy manner and answers their questions on how the look will match their complexion.

AR to the rescue

  1. Education

A customer considers choosing beauty products a tough decision. Since their prices are high, they often wonder how the shade of lipstick will look or how the face powder will complement their skin and such questions make them hesitate. AR can be used to give a stunning visual representation of the product along with anin-depth knowledge base that will help the customer comprehend the product and its effects. It also facilitates trying the product on their own faces with the help of a virtual tutorial that uses the customer’s face as a makeover canvas. The tutorial explains how each product contributes to the final look.

  1. Personalization

Through personalization, the customer can get a new and unique look for themselves and look for products that are favourable for the skin tone of the customer. There are several AR applications that help the customer choose products by understanding the skin tone of the customer and creating combinations that make the user look great. They are also used for entertainment where AR applications are used to give makeup looks which have inherently intrigued people of all ages. Makeup looks can be created without makeup removers and tissues.

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