Know the Multiple Advantages of Using ELDs beyond Compliance

Know the Multiple Advantages of Using ELDs beyond Compliance

FMCSA’s final rule related to ELD suggests the motor vehicles that are used commercially to install electronic logging devices in no time. Compliance is one of the biggest reasons why people install ELDs or electronic logging devices. There are innumerable ELD advantages for fleets. When used aptly, the devices can easily streamline operations, maximize productivity, enhance profits and lessen operational costs. These are looked upon as the major reasons why fleets have started installing ELDs.

Do you want to know more about the advantages of installing e-login devices in details?

Lessening Administrative Burden

ELDs or electronic logging devices record or track a vehicle’s movement automatically. By installing these devices, you can cut down a lot on administrative burden and manual paperwork. Also, with these devices, you hardly need to worry about recording the Hours of Service manually, saving the records or else storing them. One of the greatest advantages of ELDs is, it saves a lot of time, effort and cost that the drivers and fleet managers otherwise invest on doing the administrative work.

Reducing the Wastage of Fuel

with this device you can monitor how much time the driver spends idling. Installing this device helps you identify the truckers who sit idle frequently for long hours. Hence, this tracking system allows one to save ample by monitoring idling and lessening fuel wastage.

Vehicle Diagnostics

An ELD is connected automatically to the diagnostic port of the vehicle. Thus, it enables the device to monitor fault codes actively. Also, it keeps you ahead of innumerable issues related to vehicle maintenance with detailed reports and real-time alerts. You can even identify the recurring issues with fault code reports. Also, precautionary measures need to be taken at proper time as it leads to higher productivity and efficiency.

Better Route Management and Location Tracking

ELDs enable fleet managers to monitor the vehicles actively via GPS tracking. Not only it provides the managers with real-time visibility but also minimizes distractions and enhances productivity.

Since the fleet managers can track where the vehicles are, they hardly need call the drivers on a frequent note to get an update. Also, GPS tracking with location history and breadcrumb trails can allow drivers and fleet managers to plan out the shortest and perfect routes. Proper route management streamlines operations and also makes everyone productive. It also provides one with greater profits.

An electronic logging truck also effectively helps in tracking the behaviors of the drivers. With this technology, you can indentify bad driving approaches like hard braking and cornering or excessive acceleration. Once you get to know the drivers having unacceptable habits, you can easily use the information acquired from ELD and talk directly in order to help them improve. Identifying the high-risk drivers lessen liabilities and potential accidents. ELDs efficiently help individuals to gather or track information. Last but not least, the data or information recorded by this device can help in reducing liabilities.

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