Different types of Plastic Injection Molding Processes

Different types of Plastic Injection Molding Processes

In our day to day life, we use different types of plastic items. All these plastic items are in different shapes and sizes. They are even different in colors as well. Most of us think that these plastic items are made just by using the different molds for giving them these shapes. It is true also, but it is not just the molds. But there is a complete process behind it which takes time and help for manufacturing the plastic items. In China, you will find many Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer. Also, it is said that the plastic injection mold manufacturing companies in China are best, because of the plastic items they make. They have the best professionals who know well how to take care of the complete process. The Plastic Injection Molding Maker China uses different types of Plastic Injection Molding Processes for manufacturing these plastic items.

Types of Plastic Injection molding

There is not just one but different types of plastic injection molding processes. As there are a variety of plastic items, so they all cannot be made using one single method. So, different plastic injection molding methods are used for making them. With the help of the plastic injection molding process, one can get both small and large plastic components manufactured. Some of the plastic injection molding maker processes which one should know about are mentioned below.

  1. Thermoplastic Injection Molding Process – In this type of plastic injection molding process, the thermoplastic polymer is being used. When the thermoplastic polymer is heated, it goes into the liquid state. After that, they are being injected in the molds to get the plastic components. One benefit with the thermoplastic injection molding process or thermoplastic polymer is that it can be turned into liquid again from the solid plastic component after heating. Not all types of solid plastic components can be changed into liquid form after heating. This means it can be recycled again and again.
  2. Overmolding Process – This process is also known as a two-shot molding process. If one wants to get durable plastic items, the overmolding process is being used. In this process, the injection mold is covered by any metal or any other substance. This is done to make a quality plastic component. In the overmolding process, the material which is used is the thermoplastic elastomer. In some cases, people also use overmolding for sealing different products.
  3. Insert Molding Process – In this type of Injection Molding Process, generally, the 2 or more than 2 components are used. And a single finished component or product is made using them. In this process, the professionals fill the plastic material which is used for manufacturing around the insert. The component is inserted in the injection mold cavity. With the help of the inserts the strength of the product is increased, which is good for the product.

Other than these plastic injection molding processes there are a few more. Like Cold Runner Injection Molding and Hot Runner Molds. All these processes are used for different plastic components. One can even get insight into the whole process by logging on to the https://www.jasonmolding.com/.

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