The Best Reasons to Hire a Virtual Receptionist

The Best Reasons to Hire a Virtual Receptionist

With new technology being created every single day, the quality of life for most people has significantly increased for the better. Using only the swipe of a finger, you can order your favourite foods, contact a person on the other side of the world, or find obscure information in seconds. Alongside this increased convenience came a certain impatience for being made to wait, and clients are now more unwilling to work with your company than ever if they feel you do not offer fast services.

One way to simplify the process of using your services or products is to hire a virtual receptionist. Technology has made it possible to have your calls answered by reliable, real people working outside your office but with your branding in mind. These trained professionals work with your best interests in mind every single step of the way. In fact, small and medium-sized businesses now utilise such services every single day.

Whether you have just a few employees or well over 100, the chance to field calls and make it possible to never miss a client’s call can help a company succeed. As you build your company and spread awareness of your brand, great customer care is a fantastic strategy to speed up the process. The success you find due to your new virtual receptionist should help you enjoy more peace of mind and take your mind off less important matters.

No Excuses

Message Direct are one of the more well known virtual receptionist companies in the UK, and you have more than a few responsibilities to worry about aside from answering your phone. As a small business owner, you likely know the most creative exercises available in regard to absences and tardiness from your employees. Virtual receptionists completely eliminate the need for you to worry about this.

For example, you immediately have access to a trained and professional team of dedicated receptionists working for your business when you try this solution. If for any reason one receptionist cannot come to work, you won’t need to listen to them give excuses as to why they cannot be there, nor will you need to replace them. Since you have a team of professionals on your side, you know for a fact that any and all calls will be answered, even if one person is absent from the team.

No excuse, no matter how valid, will get in the way of you running your business smoothly. This aspect is one of the biggest benefits of a virtual assistant. These professionals are not directly under your payroll, meaning you need not worry about losing valuable help if a receptionist is not able to work. A second professional is guaranteed to take their place and keep your phones answered during business hours without exception.


In many cases, life can become far too busy for any one person to handle. Even if you currently have an in-house receptionist, having a virtual receptionist service on hand is a good option in case of call overflow or if your in-house receptionist is absent. As you expand, your company will need more and more work from valued employees, and you may not be able to afford it if they must split their responsibilities up by answering the phones. However, missing one phone call could lose you thousands and a possible long-term client moving forward.

Virtual receptionists working for your company answer calls, work with schedules, handle cancellations, follow scripts, make outbound calls, and much more. Your in-house employees are better left to focus on what they can do directly for your clients, especially if you have a company with high foot traffic, such as a law firm or a dental office. Your professional team should make it possible for you to focus the strengths of your employees toward the experience of your clients.


During emergency situations, such as a severe storm, when neither you nor your staff can answer the phone or even physically come into the office, having a receptionist can be extremely convenient. Whether you are stuck waiting for a train to be repaired, get trapped by bad weather, or are standing at the back of a 15-person queue, a virtual receptionist can give you peace of mind. This way your clients will receive an answer to their calls every single time, whether you are inside the office or for any reason not able to come in.

This type of dependability is what you need when you have a new reputation and must build a positive public perspective from scratch. The customer service offered to your clients can make the difference between you finding success in a few years or none at all. This should also allow your company’s brand to spread from word of mouth, which can account for as much as 50 percent of your future clientele.


Virtual receptionists allow you to come across as highly professional to clients, especially if you only have a few employees and own a relatively small company. No matter the business sector you choose, a pleasant experience with customer service officials can create a good reputation in a matter of weeks. Some potential clients only give a company one chance to impress them, and if they receive a subpar over-the-phone experience, it can mean losing that client forever.

Professional receptionists can follow scripts provided by you, and can be highly trained in the procedures, policies, and services offered by your company. This will help them easily handle any call made to your company, and they should be able to give a client confidence in the answer given to their questions. No matter the size of your company, you could help improve the impression of your company in the long run by choosing to outsource virtual receptionist services.

The money and time you save with this option will quickly add up, especially in regard to payroll, which can quickly become too much to handle if you choose an in-house receptionist. Even if you do have an in-house receptionist, having this service on hand as a solution for overflow or an absence can help you save money by reducing the chance of missing calls. You deserve success, and these services make it possible for you to find it.

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