Benefits of Applying Loan Online with Mobile App

Benefits of Applying Loan Online with Mobile App

As per the current TransUnion CIBIL CYQ4 2018 IIR report, there has been an exponential growth across the Indian consumer credit market over the last couple of years. Such progress in this sector is backed by the increased availability of unsecured, secured, and consumer durable loans. In an attempt to meet with this growing demand to avail financial aid, renowned NBFCs have launched instant loans apps on both iOS and Android platform.

The convenience of such loan applications allows potential and existing borrowers to carry on with their financial transactions via a user-friendly interface. These apps are downloadable from the google play store against zero charges, making them a convenient option for all potential users.

Such applications serve as a uniform platform offering essential details on diverse financing options. Lenders like Bajaj Finserv further ensure customer convenience by making their online loan app available across multiple languages.

Benefits Of Loan App

Apart from being a one-stop solution for all investment and post-loan services, loan apps from reputed NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv come with an easy-to-access interface that caters to the navigation capability of all.

All that one needs to do is download the Bajaj Finserv Experia App and enjoy the benefits of the below mentioned lucrative features-

  1. User-friendly Interface

Taking into consideration the targeted prospective users, instant loans apps are developed with a user-friendly interface that allows smooth navigation. The best apps include beneficial add-on features, viz.–

  • Simplistic Application Features – A borrower can easily apply for a loan or any other financial product available from the lender through the app. You only need to submit some basic documentation.
  • Easy Access To Pre-approved Offers – Borrowers opting for leading NBFCs such as Bajaj Finserv even provide pre-approved loans to existing borrowers. Pre-approved offers are available on several financial products that include secured advances like home loans, and unsecured credits like personal, business loans, etc. Such offers ease the application process to avail financial assistance.
  • Convenient Tracking Of All Transactions

Thanks to the convenient interface of such apps and diverse options available in it, users can now have convenient access to track down their –

  • Active investments and loans.
  • View statement downloads.
  • Make payments.
  • View the status of the payments made.
  • Pay EMIs, or foreclosure and part prepayment charges.
  • Download financial statements.
  • Access information on closed investments and loans.
  • Gain information on future payments.
  • Access the offer notifications on the app’s home page.
  1. Ease In The Accessibility Of Multiple Loan Details

With efficient instant loan apps, users can access information on financial products easily, check out pre-approved offers, and request for a call back. Such apps are benchmarked against the best in the industry and hence require users to provide details like –

  • Occupation type – Self-employed or Salaried.
  • Customer status – Existing or new user.

Subsequently, the financial deals offered to them are as per their current financial stability and eligibility criteria and caters to their tailored monetary requirements. These advances come with –

  1. High-value credit amount.
  2. Attractive rate of interest.
  3. Flexible repayment tenor.
  4. Pocket-friendly EMIs.
  5. Easy balance transfer facilities.
  6. Convenient EMI repayment facilities.

Such lucrative features are available on both secured and unsecured advances and can be availed by meeting minimum eligibility criteria and furnishing a few documents. An instant loans app curbs the time required to avail advances by introducing a convenient application procedure.

  1. Convenient Download Process

In an attempt to cater to the varying demands, downloading Bajaj Finserv app and applying for loans has been relatively simple for all –


Step 1: Download the app from the Play Store/ App Store.

Step 2: In the case of existing borrowers, enter your ID/ contact number with an OTP number sent to the registered number.

Alternate Step 2: Enter your occupation type and navigate through the recommended offers on various advances.

  • Check out loan details.
  • Calculate your required loan amount.
  • Check in essential eligibility criteria.
  • Click to apply for the loan.

Considering that multiple NBFCs now offer their loan apps, make sure to compare and settle for the one that best suits your customised financial requirements and has an easy-to-use user interface.

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