Cloud Backups: The Safest Option For Storing Your Data

Cloud Backups: The Safest Option For Storing Your Data

Cloud backup is a data retrieval solution that’s fast becoming the most popular backup solution for businesses and individuals. It is also referred to as online backup. The process of backing up data entails making copies of the data contained in computers and transferring the data onto an off-site server. Such remote servers are owned by cloud backup server providers. They provide this service at a fee after considering the account details.

Scheduled Backup

The cloud backup system required is dependent on the type of software the customer is using. The functioning of the software program is set on a schedule dependent on the service strata provided. This means that if the customer requests for a daily back up service, the scheduler will facilitate24 hour interval data back up with the remote server. The customer is able to select for these services weekly or even monthly.


Firstly, backup software will have to be installed on the computer being used. The software will compress the data that need to be backed up, secure it by encryption and transfer it to the off-site server. The cloud backup system was incorporated three years ago and has been embraced by many people. So many businesses have opted for this system as its untouchable to disasters that may damage portable storage devices. After its installation, most people stop using external hard storage devices altogether for securing important data.

People who have no access to the internet are not able to access these services as it is an online data storage server. The cloud backup system is deemed to be one of the safest systems. The off-site servers encrypt the data ensuring the security from hackers. Access to the stored files is not limited. You are able to access your data in bulk or through single files. The stored files can be accessed from any location.


Cloud backups are different from the conventional traditional backups in various ways. For instance, the traditional backup requires the data to be saved onto a portable storage device. This is carried out at an extra cost – you have to buy the hardware or software. Cloud backup, on the other hand, is not only convenient but also ensures that the data is not distorted or lost. Cloud backups have a downside, however. It can only store a limited amount of data – usually below 100 GB within a specified bandwidth.

Cloud Hosting

Another advantage of cloud technology is cloud hosting. This is where the servers host applications used by the virtual users. The users are in a position to use their operating systems while still in the cloud.

Make Sure It’s Authorized

When setting out to look for a reliable remote server provider, caution must be exercised. The credibility of these providers should be ascertained. Request for a certificate that is authorized as word of mouth does not cut it. An Asigra authorized certificate will assure you that the service provider is using the best software available. An experienced provider will ensure that the encryption used is correctly set. With the ever changing economic environment, it is the safest option as well as wisest choice to use the cloud backup system.

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