Battery replacement services

Battery replacement services


Have you observed a change in your battery? Well, the performance is not up to mark as before, and it needs to have a replacement or a repair? The visits breakfixnow for iPhone battery repair and get the work done quickly and get the best service ever from the team of breakfixnow. The battery needs a change when its f8unction comes down and ultimately results in drainage of the battery. So how does one know about the weak battery and when it has to be changed? There are few symptoms or the warning signs that have to be noted when there is a weak battery. In general, there are few facts regarding the iPhone battery that everyone must know.

  • The battery life of the iPhone is not more than four hours when it is on standby.
  • There will be a shutdown of the iPhone unexpectedly and the battery will die at twenty per cent instead of first going to one percent.
  • When there is the usage of high-intensity applications or when there is the usage of 4g network or the data on the phone then iPhone will get overheated.
  • The battery will get bulged or bloated and the screen will be pushed upwards.
  • Charging of the phone stops and it takes hours together to even charge a minimum percentage of battery.

So these are some of the warning signs or the symptoms that have to be kept in mind so that one can analyze when the battery needs a change and get it fixed. It is always suggested and recommended not to wait till the battery will start bloating or bulging and this will lead to raising the screen or popping yup of the screen which is highly unsafe. This is due to the reason that it will get burst and some gases are toxic as well as the liquids that cannot be seen but they are very harmful and dangerous once they are inhaled.

Save the health of the battery

There are few tips to be followed for a better lifespan of the iPhone battery. As most of the iPhone will be requiring a replacement or a change in the battery about two years into the lifespan of the phone. The chemicals within the battery will no longer have the ability for the sustainment if the charge which is original and the maximum or are prone to lose the charges of the eatery too soon or quickly. When taking the iPhone 6 into consideration, it has an estimate cycle life of about five hundred to seven hundred cycles and one cycle life is defined as the complete or the full charge. They can be either decreased or it can be increased by the usage of the phone and the battery.

Batteries of the iPhone will be lasting for four hundred charges and this is estimated to be used for 2 years and then they require a replacement or fixing of the battery by a good replacement service like breakfixnow. When the phone is getting bulged because of the battery which is deteriorating and the leaking of the batteries starts, it needs immediate change or else it ruins the phone and also releases harmful gases which are not safe for an individual’s health.


Batteries, in general, will be having a shelf life and within 2 years they will be losing the capability and that is the reason behind the replacement of the batteries. Many of the iPhone users will be feeling that phone is no worth and they start searching for a new phone to purchase instead they can go for the replacement of the battery and this helps on usage of the phone for a long time.

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