Tips To Consider While Designing The Perfect Navigation Bar

Tips To Consider While Designing The Perfect Navigation Bar

Often the most undermined element in a website, the menu navigation bar is what actually mature a lead to convert. Not only does it make the website easy to browse which improves the bounce rate, but also top-rated search engines such as Google rank those websites higher that have a clear, easy-to-use navigation bar. Today, in this post, we put forth five tips or tactics to design the perfect navigation bar, so scroll down and have a look: –

Think the Structure

The first thing you need to mull over when creating a navigation bar is the structure, typically it must be in line with the overall layout of the website. In a nutshell, neither the structure has to be too fancy not too dull, understand the objective of having the navigation bar is to allow your website visitors to browse and find information easily and quickly. Brainstorm to know to categorise the web pages and then subpages. You don’t have to make the navigation too long, that the visitor has to scroll his or her eyes, this will prompt the, to move out of your site. If there are too many web pages, then you can opt for a drop-down menu.

Keep it Simple

As a graphic designer Essex, you probably be tempted to try exciting and something new, but when it comes to designing meaningful navigation, go with the tried and tested tactic of keeping it as simple as possible. You don’t have to complicate things by placing the navigation at any random section on the website. Stat with the conventional horizontal navigation rule or vertical one side menu, but you got to be consistent with that. However, it is highly recommended that the size and font of the navigation bar are different from the entire website.

Less is More

You probably have heard the popular saying less is more, the same goes when you are designing a website menu. If the navigation is flooded with too many options, the chances are on the higher side that the website visitor will get perplexed and move out. As a rule of thumb, seven is an ideal number when it comes to creating the navigation bar. Any more that would create a negative impact.

Describe Well

Don’t make the website navigation get into the trap basic labels, the menu has been clearly descriptive. Simply go with the “product” or “service.” instead explain what you’ll be offering, clearly explain it. Go with the descriptive rich keyword, but at the same time, the description of the label has to be too long.

At last, if you are creating the navigation bar, it is highly advisable to do the comprehensive research work to find a trustworthy graphic designer Essex to create a great navigation bar for your website.

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