All About SMART TVs, LCD TVs, And LED TVs And Key Differences That Set Them Apart!

All About SMART TVs, LCD TVs, And LED TVs And Key Differences That Set Them Apart!

These days, there is an ample of terms that come across when the people talk about HD Televisions. While everyone is aware that High Definitions looks much better than the standard one, do you know what actually makes one different from other?

Well, the major three kinds of televisions are LCD, LED, and SMART Televisions. Each of them has their own pros and cons. They are new age of the visual devices and are different in many ways. Below guide will help you understand all of these technologies along with stating the key differences.


The smart televisions by the best of the brands like Sony are sometimes even referred to as hybrid television. They even work as online devices that show all of the programs that anyone can watch regularly. It is called set top box that comes with internet connection as well as web features. As a result, it can even be considered as amalgamation of internet, computers, broadcasters, and television.

These are the channels that are not only on conventional devices, but also on different online channels accurate to web. It is to be noted here that these can’t be termed as internet TV due to the difference that it comes with its original channels along with content.

The software is offered along with the device and the individual drivers require to be installed to allow it to work. It can even be connected with the accessories such as USB, DVD players, and so forth.


LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LCD TVs are generally lighter and are flat in texture than Cathode Ray Tube. They are even brought today due to their lower prices. While there are some of its demerits that have made a way for newer technologies to take over, the colour and contrast management and better image quality have made it accessible for everyone.


LED is an abbreviated form of Light Emitting Diode. LED TVs shows the images in clearer and light manner. There is a need of backlighting for them to work that is catered by diodes. These diodes transmit signals through active as well as negative electrodes that are called cathode and anode.

It is basically flat screen that doesn’t make use of fluorescent light to carry out its functions. On contrary, it makes use of many small LEDs placed evenly throughout display. The pictures contain darker as well as lighter shades and that is its major benefit. However, the demerit of it is that even if TV is turned off with the help of remote, but if the plug is still switched in, it will still use electricity to run diodes.

When it comes to price, LED TVs by Xiaomi which is a top TV brand are more expensive as compared to LCD TVs. On the other hand, SMART TVs doesn’t have any one time price and requires the payment to be done on monthly basis.

So now, you are finally aware about all the three technologies, right? You can now determine which kind of Television can be best suitable for you.

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