What Kind of Work Does a Graphic Designer do

What Kind of Work Does a Graphic Designer do

Someone who is a graphic designer or graphic artist transmits information through the means of visual solutions that are then utilised to advance or upgrade a service, product, philosophy or entity.

Graphic design is a professional far reaching term for a set of learned skills that can be put to good use in a broad wide range of choices. A top designer must have strong social and marketing skills, be wise to current trends in the media, and must have a sharp eye and expert knowledge of electronic media packages.

An expert graphic artist at yesopen.com.au is able to work with a selection of materials, which will include:

  • Film media
  • Sound
  • Animation
  • Imagery
  • Colours
  • Illustration
  • Type
  • And be wise to white/negative space

A Customer’s Requirement

The first part of every project is to understand exactly what the client wishes for and the designer will also have to think about the target market, and things such as social or cultural considerations into account.

The procedure usually begins with the use of a hand-drawn or electronic sketch of the layout, then followed up by a prototype presented for approval. A prototype that is appealing, but somehow fails to transmit the desired message will have to be turned down.

Smaller and Larger Types of Assignments

In small types of businesses, a designer may be limited to designing things such as:

  • Advertisements
  • Fliers
  • Informational pamphlets
  • Brochures
  • Product catalogues

Unique logo creation would also be something that a professional graphic designer may find him or herself doing. Any designer employed in a large business usually meets with heads of department or clients so as to obtain a full comprehension of the anticipations associated with an assigned project. He or she must also confer with printers or publishers to talk over the finest choice of paper, cover stocks, and printing process for the job in hand.


  • Yet one more kind of graphic designer (and you’ve probably heard of this one) is known as a “webmaster” who designs websites.
  • People involved in this operation must have expert knowledge of scripting languages and a vibrant interest in staying up to date with the latest in Web design technologies.

Film Crediting and Newspapers/Magazines

In the film industry, it’s the graphic designer’s job to be responsible for producing those opening and closing credits, you’ve all seen so many times.

This form of employment necessitates specialised knowledge of expert industry software packages.

And finally, we can’t forget newspapers and magazines who also make good use of the talents of first class graphic artists to skilfully layout their publications.

Nowadays, Definitely a Much Sought After Occupation

According to Australian statistics, this kind of work will be steadily growing at the national average through 2017-18, with Web design a distinctly strong area. Having a bachelor’s degree is usually required for any entry-level positions, however, an associate’s degree may also be acceptable.

In some highly technical environments, experience can outweigh educational requirements, and in every single case a respectable portfolio will add much clout in the employment hiring process.

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