The ideal span for your next explainer to keep your audience engaged throughout

The ideal span for your next explainer to keep your audience engaged throughout

What is the ideal duration of a video, or is it necessary to make a short or long video? The difficulty is to evaluate the optimal duration of your explanatory video! Video marketing has become very trendy for all businesses that need to communicate because it has shown that it can be particularly engaging and that it can explain any type of activity, product or service quickly and in a perfectly understandable way.

But what does “quickly” mean exactly? Is there an ideal or optimum length of explainer video Dubai?

If you look at the leading companies, you notice that these videos have durations ranging from 60 seconds to almost 3 minutes.Variable durations, therefore, because the facts are that each product, service or activity is different, both in the discourse and in the objective that leads to the call to final action. The corresponding videos cannot all be the same duration.

There are two different points of view among the experts on this issue still!

Proponents of short video animation Dubai marketing, say “the shortest video is the best” because it responds to the incredibly short-lived human attention span. According to a Canadian study conducted by Microsoft, the duration of human attention is 8 seconds on average, compared to 12 in 2000. A goldfish has an average concentration of … 9 seconds!

“We are moving from a world where the power of computers is scarce to a world where it becomes virtually unlimited. And now the real rare commodity is human attention » Satya Nadella – Microsoft “Now the real commodity is human attention”

The duration of human attention is particularly low. The user is volatile and changes interest in a few clicks and quickly forgets what he was doing before. It’s hard to hook the audience from the beginning to the end of the video.

As per the general survey

Up to 30 seconds, 85% of the audience will see the video to the end. A video of less than 2 minutes is seen on average by 70% of the audience. A 2 minute video is seen by 50% of the audience.

Proponents of long video marketing says “the length is relative” because they think that if the video content is relevant and informative enough, the potential target will not care much about the duration whether it is short or long.The length of your video depends on your marketing goal, which is usually to convey a particular message or knowledge to a public or audience, to convert views into sales.

It is therefore essential in this objective of content marketing, that the target of the video looks at it entirely, up to the sequence where is the call to action that the needle on the possibility of acting to the from your explanatory video.

Ideal video duration;

The main problem is that you need time to explain your activity, product or service, while having in mind that you should not tire your audience. With this in mind, it is possible to establish lengths of length to guide you. 30 sec. – 90sec. – more? Discover the ideal duration of a video! Studies on the subject of an audience’s attention to a video show that a 90-second duration is the ideal duration of a video in most cases.

It’s the same, a length of time long enough to explain your activity, product or service or get a message, without landing your audience. Perhaps a 60-second video is a good idea if the subject of the video is particularly simple to describe.

Maybe a 2 minute video is needed because you cannot explain the new features of your product or service in a shorter time. As to be shorter than 30 seconds, this is not a commercial for TV, so it may not be wise to make a video less than 30 seconds because it is a term too reduced that does not allow time to explain many things.

The majority of explanatory videos last between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, but can last much longer. Whistia. These videos can be used like any other video for:

  • The promotion or announcement of a product or service.
  • A call to action.

But beyond, of their use, 3 points deserve to be retained:

  • They have the same SEO capability as longer videos.
  • They are faster and cheaper to produce.
  • They are more shared on social media.
  • The difficulty is to evaluate the optimal duration of your explanatory video!

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