Stylish Safety – Covers That Glorify Your Smartphone

Stylish Safety – Covers That Glorify Your Smartphone

Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives now, more so when you consider the ones with an active online social life. With the growing rise of video platforms, social networks, messaging platforms, and hobby forums, mobile phones are increasingly becoming more powerful, sleeker and premium. Take Vivo’s V15 Pro for example. Launched early in 2019 with a pop-up motorized camera, it is a great device for taking pictures and handling a daily drive of a power user efficiently, but it fetches quite a price. Added to that, the mechanical part needs more protection. What better way than to get Vivo V15 Pro magnetic covers to protect your premium device?

You might think that just a normal phone case can suffice for a phone, premium or otherwise. But a good cover or case goes a long way in ensuring your device stays in pristine condition for longer. Typically, there are three types of users considering mobile phones. The first category isn’t bothered by innovations and upgrades if the basic functionality of a phone is met by the device. If it can handle calls, has a battery capacity decent enough to last 8-9 hours of use daily, can click decent pictures and is 4G compatible, this category of users will never bother to upgrade or change their device. Such users might typically look to upgrade their devices once every 4-5 years if need be. The second category always keeps a tab on the recent developments in the mobile industry, upgrading their device only when some manufacturer offers something ground-breaking in terms of innovation, design or functionality. They keep tabs on their budget as well and might upgrade their device every couple of years, just to stay abreast of the changing technological landscape. The third and final category of users are power users and enthusiasts, who like to be on the bleeding edge of innovation and design. Thus, even if a phone has a bit of an upgrade on storage, memory, graphics processing, optics or any other fringe functionality, they need to have it. They can switch devices as frequently as new devices drop into the market.

You would inadvertently fit in any one of the above categories. Irrespective of the category you belong to, investing in a good magnetic flip cover for your device makes sense. If you switch phones every 4-5 years, a good cover ensures your device lasts longer and operates better, being protected from accidental drops, dust, and water splashes. When you do decide to switch devices, you can still make a buck by selling the old one that would be in near-mint condition. If you switch devices every couple of years and are budget-conscious, a good cover on the old phone would make sure you get the best exchange value for your new device. Phones aren’t getting cheaper anyway, with the Galaxy Note 10 crossing the 1000-dollar mark. If you belong to the third category, protecting your device with a decent cover will help you sell the old one in a nearly new or unboxed condition. Apart from protection and ensuring a good resale value, a good cover is made of plush leather with lovely designs and patterns. You are free to choose the option that truly resonates with you and speaks about your personality.

Instead of just having the stock colour option from the manufacturer, get a cover that makes your phone truly unique and offers great protection as well, all at a very affordable price.

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