King of Investment Cooperation for Development

King of Investment Cooperation for Development

A friend in need’s a friend indeed. Are you your friend having an interest like you? Are you willing to provide him/her with better ways of earning? IF KOI is a great investment, let your friends know and meet us to earn money together. And when you want to have a great career you will know how to have a professional presentation and seriously with KOI. Cooperation for development: LET MONEY WORKS RIGHT AS THEIR OWN FUNCTION.

Refer your friend:

KOI allows you to refer your friend to this payment gateway. This refers to giving you the ultimate bonus process when your friend will be able to complete the following steps.

  • Referral Link: Send your referral link to your friend through your profile. This will create a referral link. In this way, your profile will be ready for a rewarding process. If he/she fulfills the terms and conditions.
  • The registration process of KOI: Ask your friend to open the link and start to register himself/herself to the registration process. Enter the complete details.
  • Telegram Group: send him/her official telegram group link to view the offering services by King of investment officials.

King of Inestment

Refer your friend investment plans:

You may refer your friend as an investment plan which you like most on the following plans.

For $200.00

Monthly interest: $20.00

For $500.00

Monthly interest: $60.00

For $1,000.00

Monthly interest: $150.00

For $3,000.00

Monthly interest: $540.00

For $5,000.00

Monthly interest : $1,000.00

For $10,000.00

Monthly interest : $2,500.00

For $30,000.00

Monthly interest : $9,000.00

By choosing these plans you and your friend will earn together and make your commission higher.

Complete terms and conditions.

After completing the registration process through your referral link and choosing the investment plan will make you able to get a reward or fixed commission as well.

Special Offers/Discount:

On many referrals. Your profile will be nominated to offer you many special discounts and bonuses for your business.

Be an honest Customer of KOI:

If you are using regular services of King of investment for the long term and have the intent to use further. We care about this relationship and reward you on a daily basis. The profit will be huge based on your investment plan. So it is suggested to you to choose your investment plan wisely for the higher commission.

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