Electronic Cigarettes: Maintenance and Care

Electronic Cigarettes: Maintenance and Care

Electronic cigarettes are no different from any other electronic devices, if you keep them well-maintained you’ll increase their longevity. Many people purchase e cigs and completely forget to clean and service them on a regular basis. When you use them, they get stuffed with grime, bacteria and other compounds. That is why it is so important to know how to keep them property maintained.

Choose a Clean Area

Before you clean your device, make sure to select a sanitary environment on which to place your electronic cigarette. It is a good idea to use a clean towel or cloth when cleaning your device, lay the towel down on a table and put your e cig on top. Use this area to dismantle the device and gather some paper towels to help you clean it. Earbuds are also useful for cleaning some of the harder to reach areas of your e cig.

Carefully Dismantle the Device

Many people clean their e cigarette without learning how to properly reassemble it, so remember to Google the type of device you have and learn how to carefully disassemble the product before you begin cleaning. If you need some guidance, you can search maintenance and cleaning videos on YouTube, you should easily find a video which provides step by step instructions that are easy to follow.

Gently Wipe Down Each Component

When cleaning the electronic cigarette, remember to focus on 3 main areas.

  1. Wipe down the drip tip with a piece of tissue or earbud
  2. Carefully clean the atomizer cone to ensure it doesn’t have any residue
  3. Take some time to thoroughly clean the atomizer.

It is a good idea to blow gently down the drip tip when cleaning, this will help to remove any additional e liquid which has gotten lodged in your device. Use a paper towel to clean the e cig and push it towards the battery. If your electronic cigarette has a drip protector installed, put some pressure on the paper when cleaning, so it absorbs any excess e liquid that needs to be removed.

Cleaning the Battery

When cleaning the battery and the area where the battery sits, use a dry piece of tissue to get into the terminal and wipe away any dirt. If you are finding it hard to clean, you should use a cotton swab or earbud to remove any hard to clean debris. Go over the battery terminal a couple of times to ensure you’ve gotten rid of all the dirt.

Charging the Battery

When you’ve removed the battery, make sure to charge it while you clean your electronic cigarette. When it is completely charged and ready to use, place it back into the terminal and reassemble your device.

An electronic cigarette is like any other household device, it needs regular maintenance to ensure it works correctly. If you take some time to properly clean your device, it will last for a long time without needing new components. You’ll also get a better experience while you vape, making using your e cig more enjoyable.

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