Utilizing the Power of Third Party Apps to Grow Small Business
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Utilizing the Power of Third Party Apps to Grow Small Business

With global smartphone ownership currently estimated to be sitting around 2 billion, it should come as no surprise that apps are here to stay. And while app development services are continually lowering the barrier to creating powerful apps, many small businesses are seeing enormous benefits with third-party apps.

The perfect example of a third party app being utilized to drive sales would be Groupon Coupons mobile app. While Groupon Coupons does not provide a physical service, its app aggregates submitted entries to provide its service. Businesses such as clothing lines or a range of beauty salons which offer Botox treatments in the Los Angeles area see remarkable results through this app as it provides them a way to reach a customer base who were previously unaware of their individual service.

Keeping with this example, imagine that you are traveling to Los Angeles and are interested in visiting a reputable Botox provider. Unless you know the name of a specific salon, you arent likely to have their app installed on your phone.

However, with a third party app such as the one provided by Groupon Coupons, you need only input your requirements to be provided with the exact service you require.

Small businesses are seeing the benefits of services such as these because it allows them to have their brand and service details provided to new customers who previously had no idea they existed.

But it doesnt stop there.

Unless you visit a specific cinema regularly, you arent likely to have their app installed. However, you are likely to have a general app which provides session times as its likely also the app you utilize to watch movie trailers and read reviews.

Such an app has the power to drive your the marketing campaign of a small business by placing an advertisement for a local cinema underneath the trailer the user is watching. More so, this ad can be targeted so that it only displays to users within a particular geographical location set. Before the user has a chance to, or even wants to think about where they will see the movie, they can click a button and purchase tickets to said cinema.

While many large businesses are developing their apps in-house, the creation and maintenance costs associated with this practice often place it out of reach for small business. However as you have just read from the above two examples, small businesses are more than able to compete without an individual app.

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