Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Smart TV

Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Smart TV

There is a new kind of TV that’s launched every other day. From 4k displays to smart TV, price and features are some things that see changes on a daily basis. It is easy for us to point out the best televisions in the market currently. Be it sony, TCL, Panasonic or Samsung, LED TV prices of these and similar brands are at the top, obviously because of the kind of experience and smart features they bring in with every TV they sell. They have a complete package.

What we need to be careful about is not falling for TV model that has little life, promises a lot but deliveries just about nothing. We, through this article are going to discuss about smart TV’s & why we should refrain from getting one for ourselves. These might include best sellers of their time but now, with the features, they are nothing but an old piece of technology. So let’s begin

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The first bad thing that comes to our mind when we say Internet is Security. While essentially, every smart device has one thing is command and that is its connectivity to the internet and where there is internet, the risk of personal data loss and hacking can become a big issue. So, be careful about your smart TV make sure it’s smart enough to tackle security issues.

  1. The smart apps break

Yes, the smart applications in a TV break terribly. When it comes to smartphone the application have developed extremely well. However, with televisions, a lot of them don’t function very well. This means apps crash a lot, video streaming stops, playing games on TV becomes difficult and more.

  1. Price

The smart TV’s cost a bomb. My God! For every tiny bit of upgrade they bring, they hike up the price gracefully. At the end of the day, it is for us to realise how much of the smart features are we really going to use? If smart is not your forte, buying a smart TV is just a waste of a lot of time. Rather buy a high definition TV with the best in class picture quality and sound. Basically, go for a television for what it’s used i.e display and sound. You can add the smart features later on though a smart stick, it’s that simple.

So, this was it. Before you go on buying your favourite smart TV be sure you check this article out. If you are ready to take that risk, go ahead get yourself a smart TV but if you are still confused and smart features are not so much required then look at some none smart TV’s too. Budget is also an alarming factors these TV’s are nowhere near cheap. So, make sure you have an open budget for smart or better quality TV’s.

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