What Makes iOS 8 Different

2nd June, 2014, Monday – Apple announced the official launch of iOS 8 at its annual Worldwide Developers conference. The operating system is a forthcoming update for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. There’s lot in store for Apple fans as the new iOS 8 comes with additions to photos, text messages, notifications, and keyboard.

How the Functionality Changes with the New OS?

The new iOS 8 features interactive notifications. With the new OS, you can pull down and reply to messages from wherever you are on your screen. Not just messages, this handy tool works alike for all notifications, for example – alerts from your Calendars and updates from Facebook.

There must be a few contacts in your phone that you frequently use. You can get access to these favorite contacts with just double-click on the Home button. Now you can message, FaceTime, and call your favorite contacts easily. The contacts are nicely visible with little photo bubbles on your Home screen for easy access and recognition.

Good News for Apple Dedicated Households!

The new OS boasts of cool features like Family Sharing. This feature allows dedicated families to share nearly all their i-content with a maximum of six other family members. Wondering what to share? You can share photos, calendars, and reminder lists. In addition to that you can share features like “Find My Friends” and “Find My Device”. So, your family members can help you look for your missing phones.

In addition to that, you can also share movies, music, eBooks, and applications and other purchased items. However, iOS 8 can stop unauthorised usage of your credit cards by sending you notifications to approve and authorize a purchase.

iOS 8 Best for Messaging

In addition to these features, iOS 8 also allows intuitive typing technology that predicts replies to text messages based on the context and content of the text and the person you are talking with. The most interesting thing about iOS 8 is that your phone will learn your speech pattern and vocabulary you use when talking to specific people. However, the learning technology is kept local to protect your privacy. This feature of the new OS is available in 14 different languages.

Apple also announced that the new OS will allow users to install third-party keyboards. So, now you can download and use keyboards by SwiftKey and Swype. This feature has been integrated to iOS, the first time ever!

What’s more?

You can send audio messages instantly with just a tap and a swipe. iOS 8 gives you options whether to keep or self-destruct your messages; quite in line with apps like Snapchat. Apple also introduced HealthKit, a new app for iOS 8 that derives and sorts health information from third-party apps like Nike+.

A few critics are not linking certain features of iOS 8, which according to them have already been created by Android. But, with so much to offer, iOS 8 is sure to be the showstopper!

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