The Case for Using Application Whitelisting Products

The Case for Using Application Whitelisting Products

Protecting your organisation’s computer networks is a very important task. If you do not put proper security measures in place, there’s a very high chance hackers will find their way into your computer networks and reveal all of the important information. Hackers have become increasingly intelligent these days, and do not simply expose the information. Instead, many hackers hold the information hostage so they can use it to get more money out of you. If all of your company’s trade secrets are released to the public, you could end up losing a significant chunk of your market share, and will also affect the goodwill of your company. Therefore, you have to make sure you take appropriate steps in order to protect yourself. That is one of the main reasons why most companies spend so much money on making sure they deploy top-of-the-line security systems to protect their networks. Without appropriate security in the workplace, anybody with a laptop can break into your network and steal all of your company’s secrets.

One of the most common ways by which viruses tend to enter a computer network is via email and through unrecognised applications. If you execute any unrecognised applications on the computer without knowing exactly what this is, there’s a pretty solid chance your computer will be affected. That unknown application could eventually provide a backdoor to hackers to infiltrate your network and steal all of your private information. In order to provide maximum security to your computer network, you should consider using application whitelisting products. These products offer a wide range of benefits you don’t get with other security tools. Here are some of the reasons that perfectly state the need for application whitelisting tools.

Constant Monitoring

One of the reasons why application whitelisting tools are such a popular choice is because they are constantly monitored by a dedicated security company. The company will always keep track of the different applications being installed on the computer networks, and will immediately highlight potential threats as they become available. The benefit of using these products is that even those applications which may have been disguised as other programs will be identified immediately. That’s because the whitelisting tools do not look at the name or the type of application, instead focusing on the hex code of each application. This ensures that there’s no possible way the application will be allowed to enter your computer network.

A Blanket Solution

Application whitelisting tools are generally regarded as a blanket solution to all sorts of problems you might face regarding the security of the network. When setting up the whitelisting tool, you will be required to provide a list of all the apps that need to be whitelisted. These are the only applications that will be allowed to run on the computer, preventing all other unknown applications from being executed on any of the computers within the network. Even if an application enters the system through the firewall, it won’t be allowed to run!


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