Best Ways to Earn Money from Online Digital Mediums!

Best Ways to Earn Money from Online Digital Mediums!

You want to make money right? Of course everyone wants to earn good money. You must have heard about blogging right? It is an easy way to make money, but you are not quite sure how to make money.

Let’s make it simple. Start a blog and established yourself as an authority by creating unique content about your topic. Choose categories according to your niche.  You can outsource digital marketing services with Rankraft digital services which is best in India.

Best Ways to Earn Money from Online Digital Mediums!

No matter it’s a hobby blog or business blog doesn’t matter. It depends upon how you could make it right and make it highlight in the market. Let’s see how you can make a profit with your blog and earn a good amount of money.


Google Ad Sense is one of the best advertising platforms that allow you to run ads on your YouTube videos and blogs/websites, and get paid when visitors click on your ads. Ad Sense is the best online marketing technique used from many years and also well-known for monetizing a blog or website. There are alternatives such as Buy Sell Ads, Propeller Ads and links but Ad Sense is the best out of all. It’s a fairly straightforward idea you must have been to a website that has Ad Sense adverts. Basically, you sign up for an account and a code is generated which you need to add to your site. It is best way of earning.


Banner Ads is form of advertising on the World Wide Web, delivered by ad server. You need to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser.
Basically, if your blog or website has any type of niche people relate to, advertisers will come out of the woodwork and ask you if they can place adverts that will drive visitors and potential customers to their websites. Rankraft provides best backlink building service which is known as the best SEO online technique to rank your site.

You can monetize with CPC or CPM Ads

Bloggers make money through placing ads on their site and it is one of the most common ways.

There are two popular types of ads:

CPC/PPC Ads: Cost per click (CPC) ads are usually banners that you place in your content or sidebar. Each time a reader clicks on your ad, you are paid for that click.

CPM Ads: CPM Ads, or cost per 1,000 impressions, are ads that you can earn some amount as much as the people view you ads.

Affiliate Marketing –

Basically, affiliate marketing is something which is based on the affiliate link which as the proof of your reference that client has come through your affiliate link and has purchased the product. It is a scheme where an advert is placed on your blog or website. Your advert will have a code attached to it. If someone signs up using your affiliate code, you receive commission per sale. Miles Web is considered to have one of the best affiliate marketing programs in the market.

Sponsored Posts –

Through sponsored ads companies pay you to write posts mentioning them to their product. People may contact you to add their product/services link in your blog and can offer you some amount of money for it.

There are many people looking to buy sponsored posts from the blogs. There are many bloggers whose revenue is generated through sponsored posts. So, you can always deal with them.

Social Media – 

Blogs and websites are linked to Social Media these days. Social Media is the best way to manage any type of community that might be connected to your blog or site and if you get enough followers, that’s really good for you. Let’s say for instance you have a blog about nightlife in Texas. You can get good no. of views for your blog. You can earn from doing sponsored ads for your clients or placing some link in your blog.


YouTube is considered as the best and most followed way for earning money from the audience. You just need to get your Google AdSense link with your YouTubechannel and then just enable the monetary function where your money gets credited to your account.  It is one of the simplest and best ways for earning money as there is no risk of any kind of investment. Just upload your unique videos and earn good amount of money.

Conclusion –

There are lots of methods where you can make money fast and earn handsomely.

You just need a proper plan and it should be executed properly. So, let’s make a plan for your side hustle journey.

Whether you are a sitting doing nothing or interested in freelancing then surely you can follow these things which I have presented in this article. I hope you make the best of it from the given opportunities.  You have the freedom to enjoy the internet and earn by using it properly.

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