Best Cell Phone Spy Software for Android Gadgets

Best Cell Phone Spy Software for Android Gadgets

Nowadays, many people are using spy apps and software for android gadgets and devices. Most of the parents need such apps to spy on their kids and monitor their activities. Companies also use such tools to track their staff. And people in relationships have such apps on their devices to catch the cheating partners. The use of such tools has increased over the years.

However, there is one issue for the users and that is how to find the best spy software for android phones. We have created this guide for such users and will provide them with complete help in finding the best app for spying purposes on the android devices.

Choosing the Best Spy Software for Android

In this section, we will guide the users how they can choose the best spy app. It also includes what things you should see and check when choosing a spy app.

Features of the App

The first things you must see in any spy app are the features. You should compare different spy apps, their features and what features are the best. A good and top spy app should have the essential features needed in a spy app. It includes call spying, message tracking, Spy location tracker, hacking social media apps.

Price and Plans

The other important thing is the price plans of the spy app. All the apps have different price plans. But what matters the most is what you will get with a certain pricing plan. The features should be included in order to help you get the most out of a spy app.

Interface and Demo

Another thing you need to see is the interface of the app. The app should be user-friendly, offers a simple interface and makes it easy for the users to use the app, take actions, and get their data and other things. You should also try the demo along with a free trial for few days.This will surely help you choose the best spy app for android gadgets.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can reveal a lot of things about any app. Nowadays all the apps have customer reviews. If any app doesn’t have or show the customer reviews, you should avoid. The reason is with reviews you can find out what sort of the app it is, what the users think about, how good it is and what are the bad things about the app.

Performance and Functionality

Lastly, the performance of the app is also important. You should check the performance of the app and how good it is. The functionality of an Android spyware app speaks of its greatness and performance. It should not have bugs or glitches that make it hard for the users to use the app.

The Best Spy App for Android Devices

On the basis of the above mentioned factors, we checked a number of apps. We learned that only one app was good in terms of features, price and performance. That is BlurSPY app. It is a perfect app for parents, employers as well as people in relationships. The app provides the users with a good number of features that make it easy for anyone to spy on the android phones and devices.

Features of BlurSPY App

The features are the most important part of any spy app. below are the details about the features of BlurSPY app that will help you understand why it is the best app.

  • It offers call tracking feature for all the users.
  • There is a text message tracking for the android users.
  • With BlurSPY you will get GPS location tracker to spy on locations.
  • Hacking social media is easy for BlurSPY app.
  • You can also spy on instant messengers like WhatsApp and others.
  • Checking multimedia is easy and simple.
  • It also tracks emails and private chats.
  • You can use it remotely and turn on any features.


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