4 Viable Alternatives to Tubemate App

4 Viable Alternatives to Tubemate App

Most of us feel the urge to download videos from YouTube for offline access. Considering the fact that prominent steaming does not provide an option to download, you have to rely on third party apps. TubeMate is one of the apps, but if you do not like this app, there are other apps for your kind persuasion. Let us get to them in details

Video downloader Pro

This is an application that is available only on the Android platform. The seamless video interface allows you to download videos without any form of sputter. Not a single penny is charged for downloading as it can occur at the background. Even by paying a few bucks you can gain hands on this application.


A mere search about Vidmate download is expected to showcase its popularity. This is an app that can be compared on similar lines like Tubemate. A notable feature of this app is that it goes on to provide you with an extremely friendly user interface. A browser is incorporated within this app, meaning that you can go on to visit the webpage and if there any embedded videos you can download them. If you love any YouTube application a lot, you can direct Vidmate to download a particular video by following share and then Vidmate.

If you are planning a search on Play store you might stumble upon impersonating applications. The original app has to be downloaded from the link only.


This is a viable alternative to the TubeMate app that provides you with a perfect solution in order to download videos from the embedded pages. At a personal level, if anyone asks me for a best quality video downloading app with an effective user interface then with an open mind would opt for this app.

On the interface you would have links to popular video steaming sites in the form of titles. It is possible to tap on them, browse a video and start off with the process of downloading. Or with the help of an address bar you can paste the URL meaning that you can stop wandering and save a lot of time. Only on the Android platform this app is available.


Pretty much as the name suggests this is an app that is formulated for an Android platform. With the aid of an in built browser you can go on to search for videos on the YouTube platform. With the help of this app you can go on to download Facebook videos. Just about any other application the feature of converter is there; as you can go on to download the music file in MP3 format. This app is known to combat batch processes so that the speed is maintained in a proper way.

Do not rely on any third party app as it is better to download the app from the official website. Here also there is a QR code that you can use if you are browsing on a computer.

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