Foldable Smartphones are the current trend in the technological world. The first foldable smartphone with an OLED display was launched in 2018. There were very few features in that smartphone at that time. But with time new features are added to these smartphones. Some of the more featured foldable smartphones of 2021 are the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3, Huawei Mate X2, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. All the new foldable smartphones support 5G. After reading the following important features of Foldable Smartphones you will be surprised. You will have a desire to buy that phone. Let’s dive into the features!

1. Bigger Displays:

According to Jennifer Arnold’s article in Samsung Insights, many business folks prefer larger displays. The Foldable Smartphone vanished the problems of smaller displays. Those who were fond of tablets for their larger display feature are now using foldable smartphones as an alternative to them. It’s the best alternative because it was difficult to carry a heavy and large tablet. Now you can fold that smartphone without any hesitation and fear of breaking. According to a survey people want to have a phone which has a larger display and occupies less space.

The dream of the public is now changed into reality with the invention of the Foldable Smartphone. Everyone can carry advanced technology even in their pocket. Another benefit of a folding display is, two people can watch a video even if they are facing each other. The present Samsung foldable mobiles have 7.3 inches display size and can fold over themselves.

2. Multitasking:

The thoughts have been changed into practical existence with the development of Foldable Smartphones. When a person who was thinking about performing multiple tasks at a time with only one device is now changed into reality. Now a person can run two different applications at the same time with that type of smartphone.

A folding phone can perform better than the normal unfolded phone. It is possible to perform two different activities on the two sides of a single foldable

smartphone due to the extra screen size and folding feature. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is my favourite foldable smartphone.

3. Single Camera:

Your Foldable Smartphone will have only one camera, but it will be better than two cameras of normal smartphones. In normal phones, there are separate cameras for selfies and normal pictures but both are inferior to the single-camera of a foldable smartphone. The normal mobiles are built-in with the price of two cameras.

Now you will be thinking about the performance of a single camera; how can a single camera capture pictures on both sides?. So, I’m going to inform you about its procedure of capturing images. You can take normal pictures and selfies just by switching which screen you use as a viewfinder.

If you’re a photographer or videographer then Foldable Smartphone offers more room for you to play with. The display of that phone will quench your thirst for more creativity. It has more room for you as compared to normal smartphones. Most of the foldable phones have a range of different cameras, too, that can get anyone going for extra clicks and zoomings.

4. Powerful Processor and Battery:

The cost of anything is directly related to its features and functions. If you buy a mobile of low cost, it might be less functional. In this modern era size of a thing does not matter but the thing which matter is function and role. Now we may say that small and costly objects can perform more works than larger and cheaper ones.

The Foldable Smartphones have a small size after folding and can perform better than normal mobile phones. When we unfold that phone we observe its bigger hood, which means that there is plenty of space to put in more powerful processors and batteries to give you the extra juice that you need.

5. Flexibility:

We will see this feature in only foldable smartphones and due to this feature, we fold that mobile without any suspicion of breaking. People will be deceiving when you hold that phone in unfolded form. It looks like a tablet in unfolded form. the two types of folding occur Foldable Smartphones, Vertical axis folding and horizontal folding. Those devices which are folding vertically are looking like a tablet after unfolding. We can still use it even in its folded form. The display of

some foldable phones such as Royole Flexpai and Huawei Mate Xs, wrap around to the back of the device when folded. We can interact with the device like Samsung Galaxy Fold without opening. While the horizontally folding devices use the clamshell form factor. Some devices which we can fold horizontally are Samsung Z Flip and Razr.

The idea of the flexibility of mobile phones comes from 2008 when Nokia presented the animated concept of a flexible device. They develop a device having a tri-fold design that could be bent to various forms, such as a smart wristband, a large unfolded device, and a feature phone-sized unit.

6. Entertainment Features:

People are using Folding Smartphones for entertainment features along with other important features. 93.51% of phone users in the USA have entertainment applications on their devices. You can take benefit of its larger display size by using it for gaming and video watching. This is also helpful to read ebooks and blogs on the display of that phone to avoid eyes problems.


From the above discussion, we conclude that Foldable Smartphones are easy to use and carry from one place to another. The words portable and foldable are similar in rhyme and rhythm and also we can simply claim that Foldable Smartphones are portable. According to a study by Syntonic, 87% of companies are encouraging a BYOD ( Bring Your Device) culture for the management of their business operations.

Foldable smartphones occupy very little space as compared to tablets and laptops. The durability is also high due to its flexibility and use of plastic OLED displays. Plastic OLED displays are capable of sustaining the required bend radius for a foldable smartphone. So, if you can afford to buy of Foldable Smartphone then wait no more!

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